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We're your Key to the Monterey Bay and beyond


From youth sailing challenges to long-range voyaging, we’ve created a platform from which to weave your next Santa Cruz sailing adventure.

Nomad Charters is a sailing charter company, owned and operated by Brian and Megan Thom, in Santa Cruz, California. Since its inception, our company’s focus has been adventure, wildlife, and at-risk youth sailing challenges. Over a decade later, the focus remains strong.

Stay aboard for the night and sail by day, all the way from pleasure sunset cruises to full-on offshore sailing instruction. We will cater to your desired level of adventure; from two hours on the bay to an expedition; catching fish to catching multiple whale sightings. We work with you to make your time aboard as memorable and valuable as you can imagine it.

A couple and a child


CPT Auto Pilot
Brian Thom

I’m Captain Thom,

I want to share my passion for the seas with you. I’m a USCG licensed captain. My license is a 100 Ton Masters with Sailing Endorsement. I am a teacher both on the water and off. On the water I teach people boating skills that fit their level of interest and passion. Off the water I hold a CA Secondary Teaching Certificate and a Master in Education. My 10 years in classroom teaching was spent with alternative high school students. Whenever I could, I integrated hands-on building programs into their curriculum.

Megan Thom

First Mate/Naturalist

Co-owner SV Nomad

Sailed to New Zealand

Deyess Robinson-Payne

First Mate/Engineer

Owner SV Kanaloa

Jeff Ault


Hollywood art director & big wave surfer

Has logged most sea miles aboard Nomad aside from the owners.

Brian King

Founder and Director of MTNS2SEA

10 Years as Credentialed Teacher Working with At-Risk Youth

Crewed aboard Nomad over the last four years for youth sailing events