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Come swim Monterey Bay with Nomad Sailing!

Quick Details

Santa Cruz Open Water Swim


Nomad Charters currently has relationships with the Monterey Bay Swimming Association ( the infamous Birdwatchers Swim Club, and other committed ocean swimmers.

We have supported Santa Cruz open water swimmers crossing the entire Monterey Bay, multiple Santa Cruz Wharf to Capitola Pier swims, various routes out and around the Santa Cruz Mile Buoy, deep water swims above the Monterey Canyon, and more.

In most cases, Nomad serves as the mother ship with a smaller inflatable boat at the ready for deployment to handle whatever event may arise. Nomad Sailing is committed to safety. We have pre-swim safety meetings on the dock where all rowers, boat handlers, swimmers, and support crews are present. This is when we review the route on the charts that all members are provided with, cover safety protocols, conduct radio checks, and review drop off and pick up logistics to ensure everyone has a safe, successful, and enjoyable open water swim in Santa Cruz, California.

In addition to this, Nomad Sailing is devoted (within reason) to working with the weather. Captain Thom knows from a lifetime of outdoor pursuits that weather can make or break a venture. For example, one is not likely to swim across the Monterey Bay if the winds are blowing 30 knots, the temperature has dropped to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and a nasty square swell is running. Larger swimming support operations are going to make you stick to your booked day. Your open water swim success is our success, and we’ll do all we can to re-book in order to help achieve your goals.

We’d be honored to work with you and/or your swim club to create a Santa Cruz open water swim route that works for your level of fitness, objectives, and the seasonal weather conditions.

Please contact us for references and to book your open water swim at (831) 359-0254 or email [email protected]

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