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Youth Sailing

The Youth Sailing Program is one of Nomad Sailing Charter’s core missions and reasons for existence.

Because of this, Captain Thom left classroom teaching in order to pursue this path. This outreach into the local Santa Cruz Community is possible through our partnership with Mountains2Sea ( We serve high school youth who otherwise would have no access to the Santa Cruz Harbor or the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary.

Many years ago, Captain Brian dreamed of a school sailing ship concept. He never knew how it would be possible, but held onto the underlying dream. Now, because of Nomad Sailing’s partnership with Mountain2Sea, students spend one of their school days per month engaged in sailing, observing wildlife, building sailing skills, collecting water samples for the California Department of Health, and collecting phytoplankton data for the Global Seafarer Study of the Phytoplankton ( For more information or to get involved, please contact us.

Sailing Adventures

Team Challenges are your company’s opportunity to experience the Monterey Bay! From corporate teams to scouting groups, we’ll get your group at Nomad’s helm, trimming sails, tacking and gybing, and conducting citizen science projects. Experience the difference in quality with our team challenges in Santa Cruz, California.