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Turn off the engine and silently sail with the wildlife!

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Charter For up to 6 people

Wildlife Sail & Whale Watching Near Santa Cruz


Although Nomad is a sailing vessel that is not solely focused on whale and wildlife viewing as some larger power vessels are, we love to bring guests on exciting Santa Cruz boat tours to look for some of our amazing local wildlife.

As Santa Cruz is near the head of the Monterey Bay’s underwater canyon, it makes it the preeminent wildlife cruise destination in the area. Sightings include southern sea otter, California sea lions, harbor seals, egrets, pelicans, and humpback, grey, and other whales. Porpoises, turtles, jellies, and a myriad of sea birds scatter these waters year after year.

If you want to combine sailing with wildlife viewing, this charter is your ideal experience. We don’t cruise as fast as the larger power boats, so we end up spending a longer time on the water. But, when we do get into the whales or dolphins, there is nothing like turning off the engine and seeing them close up under sail alone. The silence and close proximity are absolutely stunning!

There is so much to see with our wildlife sail and whale watching near Santa Cruz, California. Make sure you experience the most exciting wildlife sail; you never know what you might end up seeing. Our team takes you on a whale watching adventure that is filled with beautiful and scenic views that can’t be found elsewhere. Whether you’re visiting Santa Cruz on vacation, driving through town, or simply from nearby wanting to go on an adventure, our whale watching tour is perfect for everyone to enjoy. Make lasting memories with our whale watching near Santa Cruz, California, and uncover a new family tradition.

If you would like to maximize your chances of seeing wildlife that may be further out in the bay, book the trip for a four or five-hour sail.